WWBA Welsh County Super 10 (2019)

Competition Rules


PRIORITY must be given to current junior and senior international players and to up and coming players for development and experience.


County Group Draw 2019

                         Group A                                                                             Group B

                   Carmarthen                                                                          Glamorgan

                   Ceredigion                                                                           West Glamorgan

                   Mid Wales                                                                            South Wales & Mon

                   West Wales                                                                          

Format of Play:

Singles 21 Shots Up

4 Wood Pairs – 18 Ends

3 Wood Triples – 15 Ends

2 Wood Fours – 18 Ends

2 Trail Ends to be played in each discipline


Team Captain to be nominated for each game. Team Captain to toss for team jack and sign all cards at the end of the game.


If a match has started and cannot be completed due to for example inclement weather or bad light, then the two Captains should agree this and the following shall constitute a result:


Singles 15 Shots Up

12 Ends for all other disciplines


Points Awarded:

2 Points for each discipline win

1 Point for each discipline draw

3 Points for overall team win

1.5 Points for overall team draw


Competition Dates:

Monday 10th June @ Aberkenfig

Wednesday 26th June @ Merthyr West End

Final – Wednesday 17th July @ TBA


Inclement weather – re-arranged matches to be played prior to Wednesday 27th June. Same logistic rules apply as below.


Start Time:

6:30 Latest



Venues must be half way between the centre of each County or as near to this as possible.

County Secretary to arrange fixtures.

Singles Marker – Host club to be asked to provide Marker.



Dress Code:

County Colours



Score Cards to be clearly written out with players names for each discipline.

Results to be emailed to Hazel Wilson hazel222@hotmail.com and Kathy Pearce kathypearce@hotmail.co.uk . The results should include the names of all players for the game and what disciplines they played in and should be sent in by both Countie. (A results template will be emailed out)