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“No laws governing a sport can cope with every situation, and the laws governing the sport of bowls are no exception. Unusual situations not covered within the laws can often arise. The Laws of the Sport of Bowls (the laws) have been drawn up in the spirit of true sportsmanship. So, if a situation arises that is not covered by these laws, players, markers and umpires should use their common sense and a spirit of fair play to decide on the appropriate course of action.”

(quotation from WORLD BOWLS Laws of the Sport of Bowls Crystal Mark Second Edition)


  1. Leagues

a). The league is made up of two sections, West League and East League, Home and Away during the season.

                     b). All playing members of all Clubs must be affiliated to the WWBA and to S.W. &                                    Mon. L.B.A.

                     c). A player who changes Clubs during the season may play SW & Mon League matches                           for their new club.


  2. Bowling Season

                     a). The league to consist of two rinks, (8 players)

                     b). The first League Matches should be played no later than the third Tuesday in May.

                     c). All League Matches must be played before the third Tuesday in August.


  3. Dates for League Matches

                     a). Afternoon league matches should be played on the allocated date, starting at                                           2.30pm.

                     b). Evening league matches should be played on the allocated date starting no                                              later than 6.00pm.

                     c). The minimum number of players for all League Matches is 7

                     d). A club which cannot provide the required 8 players, may play (1 rink & 1                                               triple) on the day, or

                          re-arrange the fixture for a later date if this cannot be done.

                     e). Cancelled games - the non-offending team must give 3 reasonable dates                                                  (different days spread over one month) if none of these are suitable 8points

                           and 12 shots to be given to the non-offending team.

                          month), if none of these are suitable 8 points and 12 shots to be given to t

                     f). Games cancelled on a mutual agreement because of adverse weather                                                        conditions must be played within a month, if teams fail to agree then 6 shots and 4                                  points to be awarded to each  team.

                     g). All games must be played by the third Tuesday in August (Rule 2c).

                     h). The week of the Annual County Tour should be void of all league fixtures.


  4. League Matches

                      a) Both afternoon and evening matches consist of 18 ENDS (15 ends in adverse                                        weather conditions).

                      b) Team Captains draws for rinks.

                      c) All league matches begin with 2 trial ends. Clubs can opt out if they so wish.

                      d) Trial ends do not constitute part of the match.

                      e) One shot on the first 2 ends is not permitted.

                      f) Captains of both teams must agree before the match starts on how many ends                                         will be played in adverse weather conditions.  Their decision may not be changed.


  5. Criteria for abandoning a match

                      a). The green is wholly or partially flooded.

                      b). Accident or illness of a player(s).

                      c). Excessive heat (26C / 80F) Common sense should prevail. Both captains                                                must be in agreement before abandoning a  match. An abandoned match                                                  must  be re-arranged.

                      d). All decisions regarding the game at play must be made by the captains or                                                green keeper only.

  6. Abandoned Matches

                      a). An abandoned “15-end-match” may not be extended to an “18-end-match”                                           on another day.

                      b). Original players should complete the match.

                      c). Two trial ends can be played on restarted game.

                      d). The original cards must be used when re-starting the game - from the end it                                            was abandoned e). One substitute is permissible per rink (World Bowls                                                Crystal Mark Third Edition Rule 32.4.1&2 and 33.4)

  7. Teams for League Matches

Each team will comprise 2 rinks and points will be awarded as follows: 

Each winning rink - 2 points (1 point each if drawn)

                       Total shots win -  4 points (2 points each if drawn) maximum total available - 8 points


  8. 3 Players in a Rink

                   a). Lead and second players deliver 3 bowls each, the Skip delivers 2 bowls,                                               25% will be deducted from the score.

                   b) 1 triple may be played only if club has insufficient players to put out 2 rinks,                                           25% will be deducted  from the scores, unless following rule 8c.

     c) One rink and one triple may be played. The triple to follow rule 8apltwo woods,

                         when no points will be deducted.

                  d) Players cannot play with odd woods all woods must have same serial number.


​  9. Players unavoidably detained on route to game.

Game to start with three players 2 woods each and the delayed player  allowed to play on arrival in second position only.


​10.​ If a player is unable to proceed in any game, a bone fide substitute is allowed to play, a substitute is allowed to play in the position of the play that has been unable to proceed in the game.


11. Cancellation on the Day of a Match

                       a) All games to be cancelled at least 3 hours prior to match

                       b). If a game not cancelled before 11am for afternoon, 3pm for evening it will mean the                             game must be played until green

                           not playable, this must be agreed by both Captains.

                       c). Cancelled games: The non-offending team must give 3 reasonable dates (different                                 days spread over1 month)

                           for the game to be played. If none of these are suitable then 8 points and 12 shots                                    given to the non-offending team.

                           A written account of these events with dates must be sent to County League Secretary.

                       d). Games cancelled on a mutual agreement because of adverse weather conditions must                             be played within a month if

                            teams fail to agree, then 6 shots and 4 points to be awarded to each team. (Rule 16(d)                             of the Constitution will apply.

                       e) Any cancellation other than for inclement weather, the offending side forfeit 4 points,                            these will be awarded to the non

                          defaulting side. The game must be replayed when only the rink points will be played                              for.


12.  Match results

             Match Result Match results, including cards, must be sent by mail or email to the League                      Secretary after play in the same week -  as soon as possible.


13.  League Championships

                       a) The highest scoring club in each section will be the section winners.               

                       b) A playoff will be taken in their relative sections if clubs tie in points.

                       c). If rink scores are equal after 18 ends, World Bowls Rule 45 applies, “an extra end                                  should be played” “skips toss  coin (the winner may give the jack away)

                          the extra end should be played from where the previous end was completed

                      d). If match scores are equal after 18 ends, rinks play extra ends until a result is obtained.


14. Finals:

           Team with the highest points in each section after all games have been played to be the winners             of that section.

15.Dress Code:

                      a). Club colours with white regulation skirts/trousers/cut-offs/culottes/ must be worn for                             all afternoon League matches.

                          White tailored knee length shorts may be worn. White/brown/coloured bowling shoes.

                      b). Club colours with grey regulation skirts/trousers/cut-offs/culottes/must be worn for                                 all evening League matches.

                          Grey tailored knee length shorts may be worn. White/brown/coloured bowling shoes.


16. Smoking is banned during play.


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