South Wales & Mon Ladies Bowling Association

County Competitions Semi Finals and Finals 2019





Heather Collins (Ynysddu)  -v-  Christine Fletcher (Islwyn Park)

(WINNER – Christine Fletcher)



4 wood SINGLES (Semi Finals)


                 Vera Higgs (Garndiffaith)             -v-              Marion Kidney-Purcell (Pontyfelin)

Maggie Lewis-Price (Ynysddu)        -v-            Helen Menzies (Machen)



Maggie Lewis-Price (Ynysddu)   -v-   Marion Kidney-Purcell (Pontyfelin)

(WINNER – Marion Kidney Purcell)



PAIRS (Semi Finals)


    Steff Maggs & Joan Curnuck (Pontyfelin)   -v-   Mary Evans & Sian Phillips (Abergavenny)

Tessa Williams & Christine Fletcher (Islwyn Park)   -v-   Maggie Lewis-Price & Heather Collins (Ynysddu)



            Steff Maggs & Joan Curnuck (Pontyfelin)      -v-   Tessa Williams & Christine Fletcher (Islwyn Park)

(WINNERS – Tessa Williams & Christine Fletcher)



TRIPLES (Semi Final)

  Heather Collins & Co                  Game Not                    Cath Parker & Co

     (Ynysddu)                             played                          (Pontyfelin)


        Chris Fletcher & Co                       -v-                           Janet Hoare & Co

          (Islwyn Park)                                                                 (Newbridge)



              Cheryl Chadwick                                                   Marion Kidney-Purcell

                Tessa Williams                            -v-                       Mary Clare McCullock

          Chris Fletcher (Islwyn Park)                                       Cath Parker (Pontyfelin)

      (WINNERS – Marion Kidney-Purcell, Mary Clare McCullock & Cath Parker)



RINKS (Semi Finals)


       Val Hall & Co                                -v-                           Jan Skinner & Co

 (Pontyfelin)                                                                    (Caerleon)


             Chris Fletcher & Co                       -v-                          Heather Collins & Co

         (Islwyn Park)                                                                   (Ynysddu)



     Maggie Lewis Price                                                            Lynne Pearce

    Lynette Payne                                                                     Roz Evans

    Jean Kimberley                               -v-                                Cath Parker

       Heather Collins (Ynysddu)                                                 Val Hall (pontyfelin)

      (WINNERS – Maggie Lewis-Price, Lynette Payne, Jean Kimberley & Heather Collins)

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