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The Association shall be called South Wales & Mon. Ladies Bowling Association, and it's Registered Office

shall be that of the Secretary of the day.



Each club must be affiliated to the parent body, known as the Welsh Womens Bowling Association.



The object of the Association shall be:

a) To promote and foster and safeguard the level green game of bowls.


b) To act as arbitrators in all disputes between the clubs belonging to the Association.


c) To form a close alliance with other County Associations, with the object of including all the clubs

and Associations playing on level greens, to adopt and recognise the Universal Code of Laws.


d) To hold County Championships in 4 wood singles, 2 wood singles, pairs, 3 wood triples, and fours

competitions, County Tournaments.


e) To protect and safeguard the welfare of children and vulnerable adults entrusted to them.



a) The Association shall consist of clubs residing in the South Wales & Mon. area.




All clubs affiliated to the County must be affiliated to the Welsh Womens Bowling Association.



Application for admission to the Association shall be made to the Honorary Secretary of the County,

accompanied by the names and addresses of the Office bearers, and the number of affiliated members.



a) The Annual County subscriptions and affiliation fees to be revised annually.


b) Annual subscriptions and affiliation fees to be paid to the Honorary County Treasurer by

the second week in March, together with an updated list of all its members. And a current

copy of the club's Insurance details.


c) Any club failing to pay the subscription within the time stated, shall forfeit all rights and privileges, and

will need to re-apply for affiliation.


d) Any new member joining a club after this date must be affiliated.



The Association will have the power to elect Honorary Life Members for special services rendered to the

game of bowls. Such members will be entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting but will not be eligible

to vote, unless attending as a delegate.



a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held in October of each year.


b) At least 10 days' notice shall be given of all general meetings.


c) All members are allowed to attend the Annual general meeting, WITHOUT A VOTE.


d) One designated delegate from each club is entitled to vote at the AGM.

The Honorary President is only entitled to a casting vote.


e) A substitute for the club Secretary is allowed to attend the Annual General Meeting, and

Secretaries Meetings. At Secretary meetings only one vote per club is allowed. The

Honorary President is entitled to a casting vote if needed.


f) Election of Personnel and all major issues shall be decided on by a Secret ballot.



a) At the Annual General meeting the Association shall elect the Officers of the Association for the

next 12 months, namely the Honorary Vice President, Honorary Secretary, and Honorary Treasurer.

At this meeting the existing Honorary Vice President shall automatically be elected to Honorary President.


b) The following positions of the Association will also be elected, Assistant Secretary/Minute

Secretary, League Secretary, Tour Secretary, Tour Treasurer, and Competition Secretary

and two representatives.



Auditors to be put forward at the Annual General meeting.



a) Nominations for the Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, and all Officers must be received

by the Honorary Secretary no later than 28 days before the Annual General Meeting each year.

Elections will take place at the Annual General Meeting.


b) Nominations for the Honorary Vice President can be submitted by any club member from the

appropriate section, having first received permission from the nominee.



The Honorary County Secretary is only to receive propositions and /or resolutions for the Annual General

Meeting from Club Secretaries and not individual members. All propositions, resolutions and resignations to

be received by Honorary Secretary by the 1st of September.



The Honorary Secretary or Minute Secretary shall keep a record of all business transactions at Committee

Meetings, and Annual General Meetings. The Honorary Treasurer shall render a full account of receipts and

payments for the previous year, duly audited to the Annual general Meeting.



Any affiliated club may send in a request to the Honorary Secretary, to call a special general meeting of the

Association. This request must be in writing and must state the nature of the business for discussion. The

notice of the meeting will be brought before an Executive meeting, if they consider the matter to be of

sufficient importance, shall instruct the Honorary Secretary to call a Special General meeting within 28 days.



a) The affairs of the Association shall be conducted by the Executive Committee, which will consist

of the Honorary President, Honorary Vice President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer,

                     Assistant Secretary/Minute Secretary, League Secretary, Tour Secretary, Tour Treasurer and Immediate Past President and two representatives.

b) The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt any member they so desire to fill any 

                 vacancy in their number which may occur during the year.  Should the Honorary President not be able to fulfil

her duties, then the Honorary Vice President shall preside.


                       c) The Executive shall have the power to delegate its officers to deal with any emergency.


                       d) The Executive Committee shall have the power to adjudicate upon any dispute between clubs affiliated to the 

                           Association, as to the meaning or interpretation of the Laws of the game, or upon any point not covered by the

                          them.  The subject of the dispute must be made in writing to the Honorary Secretary, who will call a meeting of 

                         the Executive Committee for its consideration.   Parties may be heard, only one on each side, and the decision

                        of the Executive Committee (which shall be final) shall be conveyed in writing by the Honorary Secretary to all

                        parties concerned.



                     The Selection Committee shall consist of, the Honorary President, Honorary Vice President, Honorary Secretary,

                     Honorary Treasurer, I.P. President and Competition Secretary.  The Honorary Secretary to Notify Club Secretaries

                     of team or teams selected for the County Games.

                     Club Secretaries whose members have been selected to play for their County are to inform those members.


                     Before members are considered for County selection for the Savegar Cup games, they must be affiliated by their

                     club to the W.W.B.A. and make themselves available for at least 5o% of league games each season.


                     A junior member is defined as being under 18 years of age on the 31st of March at the commencement of the

                     season in question.



                   All County players to travel with the team using the transport provided, or they will be required to pay the transport

                   cost if travelling independently.


                   Dress Code:

                   a) For all games correct bowling shoes must be worn, for all County Competitions and Tournaments before

                       semi-finals, regulation grey skirts/trousers/cut offs/culottes/ tailored knee length shorts, and white or club tops to 

                       be worn.

                   b) For all County Competitions and Tournament semi-finals and finals, white regulation skirts/trousers/cut offs/

                       culottes/ tailored knee length shorts, and white or club tops to be worn.


                  Drug Abuse:

                  No player (s) must use any substance foreign to the body, or natural substance taken in an abnormal quantity, or by

                 an abnormal route, with the sole intention of increasing in an artificial or unfair manner their performance in         




                 End of rink scorers are provided for all semi-final and final competitions to keep the scoreboard up to date.


                No umpire to adjudicate in their own game.  If no other umpire is available, then a neutral Officer or person who is

                acceptable to both skips in pairs, triples and rinks, and both players in a singles game should adjudicate.





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