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South Wales & Mon L.B.A. Competition & Tournament Rules 2023


1. There is no restriction on bowls colour, but bowls must bear the International Bowling board "bullet" stamp.

At all games umpires to check for "bullet stamp, stickers, and all woods to be of the same size and weight.


       2. The competitions are open to all paid up Clubs affiliated to S.W. & Mon. L.B.A. No player shall allow her

name to be submitted from more than one club.


       3. The competition shall be played under the laws of the international Bowling board and W.W.B.A. rules.


The competitions shall consist of:

 * 4 wood singles - 21 shots

* 2 wood singles - 21 ends

        * Pairs (4 wood each) - 18 ends

             * Triples (2 woods each) - 18 ends

           * Fours (2 woods each) - 18 ends

            * 4 wood novice singles - 21shots

​                                                                            * Autumn Cup - 4 woods

                                                                            * Olwyn Davies Cup - 2 woods -18 ends



​                                                                             * Spicer Cup - 21 shots (Champion of champions) Tournament

Entrants to be the club Champion from each club, or the runner up if the winner is unavailable.

The runner up from a club only to play if the present champion has left the club, or because she is injured.

If a members club has folded and that member won the club singles for their club in the same year as it's folding,

then they can represent that club and ply in the Spicer Cup.

Autumn Cup - 2 sets of 7 ends (9 ends in the final), followed by a 3-end tie break if required.

One shot on each end of the tie break only, the best of two ends.

Sets play rules: Re -spotting the jack to apply (rule 4 page 97-98 WWBA handbook.)

Entry open to players aged 60 or over at the date of the Competition.


Olwyn Davies Trophy - (2 wood triples) - 18 ends.

Entry open to all.


Novice singles - 21 shots

Entry only to members who have not won any County Singles competition and have only been a member of their

club for 5 years or under.  Members who have changed clubs and have previously been bowling for more than

5 years may not enter.


            4. Two trial ends shall be allowed in all matches.


            5.  Entry fees must reach the S.W.& Mon. County Competition Secretary by the date stated on

                competition entry form.


6. a) Except for the 2-wood singles competition, for all other competitions, one round should be played in

                     the morning and one in the afternoon.


b) The S.W.& Mon L.B.A. Website to show all Competition and Tournament draws and results, and all

League tables and results.

​              c) The Competition Schedule to be emailed to club Secretaries a few days before the Competition date

                  and/or the schedule to be posted on the S.W.& Mon. L.B.A. website. 


            7 a) When players are to make their own arrangements in any singles competition it is the home players

                    duty to provide a marker. (The home player to be the person on top).


                b) For competition singles, and tournament singles on a specific day, the 'Home' (i.e., First named) player

                   shall be responsible for arranging a marker for the first round, and the losing player in each round then

                   mark the next round.


                c) Markers of singles games must not give instruction, or consult with, or assist either player. They shall

                   carry out their duties in accordance with the rules laid down in the Official Law book.


          d) After the first day of competition, subsequent rounds up to and including, if necessary, the semi-final shall

                   be played on the home players green. Home player is responsible for the arrangements.


   e) In the event of a tie an extra end shall be played, (toss for jack). The winner of the toss, can choose to

                   give the jack to their opponent, if they wish.


       f) On completion of the rounds played on the first day of S.W. & Mon. Competitions, the winning skip or

                   or singles player must hand the card signed by loser to the Competitions Secretary personally, or her

representative, in order that the arrangements can be made for playing the next round, even if the

                   maximum number of rounds have been played on the day.


g) In subsequent rounds, home players are responsible for taking the score card to the green on which the game

            is played. The winners and losers to sign the cards, for singles games the marker to sign, all cards to be

           dated, and have the time of game completion. All results to be sent to the Competition Secretary.


8. Competitors whose names are first on the draw sheet are the home players and must contact their opponents

and make all the necessary arrangements for the game where applicable, and to offer three dates which are

            not consecutive, and not all in the same week. (Time by the end of date shown on the draw sheet.)


        9. If a player arrives 15 minutes after the time fixed for the game, the opposition may claim a walk over.

             (Exceptional circumstances apply, the Competition Secretary's decision is final).


       10. In the case of any disputes, appeals must be made within 24 hours of the game concerned, accompanied

            by a clear statement in writing to the Competition Secretary, together with evidence if such exists.


       11. No player in a competition shall play on the same rink on the day of such competition before play

            commences under penalty of disqualification.


      12. Games to commence at 10.00am, players in the first round must arrive half an hour before the start of their                        game time allocated.  Any person failing to do so will be disqualified. Disqualified persons will be banned

           from playing in that competition for the following season.

           The Executive to rule on any reason given for failing to abide by these rules.


           Times to be allocated to competitors in all County Competitions in consecutive rounds.  Competitors to arrive                    half an hour before times allocated.


      13. '24 hours' notice must be given to the Competition Secretary by any competitor/s who is/are unable to

            turn up on the date and time given for competitions. Failure to do so will result in a ban from the

            competitions concerned in the following year.


      14.  Persons not engaged in the game, shall be situated clear of, and beyond the limits of the rink of play, and clear                of the verges. They shall preserve an attitude of strict neutrality, and either by act, or word, disturb or advise the                players. The umpire or the marker shall have the right to tell the offending persons.


      15. a) If any player is unable to play in the semi-finals and /or finals on the date set they should not enter the

               Competitions or Tournaments.


    b) If for any reason the section winners (any competition or tournament) is unable to play in the S.W. & Mon.

                semi-finals, then the section runner up should play instead.

           c) Competition and Tournament finals must be played on the date allocated by the Executive Committee.

           d) If a player is unable to proceed in any game, a bone fide substitute is allowed to play. A substitute is

               allowed to play in the position of the player that has been unable to proceed in the game.



     16.  Any match postponed through bad weather, or other circumstances, must be played to a finish from the point

           where play ceased, and on the same rink where possible. Trial ends are allowed in all postponed matches

            played on another day.


     17. If any player in pairs, triples, rinks, is unable to proceed to any of the competitions a bona-fide substitute is                       allowed to play, provided she has not played in previous rounds of this competition. Only one substitute

           may play in any round of the pairs triples and rinks, including the semi-finals and finals, and may play in                           any position. Should a substitute play in two consecutive rounds, she must complete the competition, and may

           not be replaced by the original player.


      18. The team in pairs, triples, and rinks competitions that play in the preliminary/first round of each

            competition, shall be the original team.


      19. a) Special stickers to be used on Semi-finals Day & Finals Day in all Competitions and Tournaments.


     b) For domestic play MNA'S can allow skips to delegate marking the card to another member of the team, but

must be the same position in both teams. (rule40.1.9). The WWBA recommend that in rinks, the card to

              be marked by the number two player.


      20. (a) The semi-finals and finals of the competitions shall be held in the first full week of August. Finals venue will                    normally be S.W.& Mon L.B.A. Hon. Presidents green. (S.W. & Mon Executive Committee have the power                      to change this if the need arises).


(b) Two days to be allocated for the tournaments and competition semi-finals, and two days to be allocated

for the tournament and competition finals. The extra day to be used only if needed, to allow for any

                 person in more than two semi-finals or finals, having to play all their games in one day.


​      21. Smoking is not permitted on the green.

      22. Dress Code:

a) For all games correct bowling shoes must be worn. For all County competitions and tournaments before

              semi-finals, regulation grey skirts/trousers/cut offs/ culottes/tailored knee length shorts, and white or club polo 

​               shirts to be worn.  


            b) For all County competition and tournament semi-finals and finals, white regulation skirts/trousers/cut offs                        culottes/tailored knee length shorts, and white or club polo tops to be worn.


            c) Grey may be worn only for traveling to County matches. (Savegar Cup & Friendlies.)


      23. Drug Abuse: No player(s) must use any substance foreign to the body, or natural substance taken in an

abnormal quantity, or by an abnormal route, with the sole intention of increasing in an artificial or unfair

             manner her performance in competition. Any player found guilty of this will be disqualified.


      24. That end of rink scorers are provided, where possible for all semi-finals and finals competitions to

            keep the scoreboard up to date.


     25. No umpire to adjudicate in their own game. If no other umpire is available, then a neutral Officer or person

Who is acceptable to both skips in pairs, triples, and rinks, and both players in the singles, should adjudicate.

​     26.  If sufficient entries in any competition to require a second venue, then entries are divided geographically as close

            as possible to each venue.  Then separate draws are carried out for each venue.








Note: Amended 2023


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